ETH reveals they don’t want to send ‘Maguire’ to pair with ‘Varane’

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Manchester United manager Eric ten Hag has revealed that in principle he does not want to send Harry Maguire onto the field alongside Raphael Varane in the center half position as both are right-handed. Both

Varane have had fewer opportunities to play on the field in the past, with Ten Hag choosing to use Maguire to pair with Jonny Evans, who is 35 years old. ทางเข้า ufabet

However, Ten Hag has It is confirmed that Evans will miss Saturday’s game against Luton Town after sustaining an injury against Copenhagen

. But there are moments in certain games where they can play together. And they have proven that they can do it,” Ten Hag said.

“But the game doesn’t flow smoothly when one of them has to play on the left. Because of course I think Lisha, Luke Shaw, Jonny Evans and Victor Lindelof, who are both right-handed but use their left foot very well. They have better launch angles. And then you can create a good game plan to start at the back.”

When asked if he had a problem with the former France international, Ten Hag said: “Absolutely not. As I said It’s a tactical matter of why I chose that pairing. I think Harry and Jonny are doing well. “

Harry Maguire is doing well at the moment. And I’m very happy about that,” he revealed. “As I always say, Harry can do his job well. And now he’s proven he can do it. ‘

Last year Harry didn’t play much and I’m very pleased with Rafa’s performance. I’m always happy with his performance but now. Harry is doing well and we have competition within the team.”