6 types of football betting that newbies need to know

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Football betting is considered a type of online gambling that is widely popular. Not only football players, but also general people. and is also popular all over the world. There are many types of football to choose from. Each style has a different charm and fun. Today we will recommend 6 types of betting that you should know.

Betting on only 1 pair or single ball

Betting on a single ball, or what a football master is called favorite football betting Which is choosing to bet on the ball and focus on only 1 pair only Choose to bet on which team will win Single football betting has the advantage of being less risky. If you are lucky, bet on the right team, the big money is yours immediately.

multiple ball bets

Online betting on multiple pairs or stepping betting This type of football betting is very popular among soccer players. Because it is an investment that receives a large return. But it often comes with a very high sound. Therefore, before betting on a step ball. It is necessary to analyze the game of each pair well. before placing a bet to reduce the risk

Betting on football, negotiating

Bargaining or Handicap Betting There is a form of football betting that negotiates goals scored by the team and the sub team itself. Take the result of the match and the odds to calculate the profit that will be received. Which handicap betting is very exciting must be encouraged throughout the competition period For this reason, it has become very popular with football masters. 

1×2 football betting

1×2 betting has the following meanings: 1 means the home team wins, x means the result of a draw, 2 means. The visiting team wins that itself, which can predict the result of the match win, lose, draw. Or merge depending on the preferences of bettor. Because of this, 1×2 betting has become popular with masters around the world. 

Kicking the ball from a corner touch

Many people still do not know that there are online gambling like this as well. There are many ways to bet on corner kicks, such as betting odds on which team kicks more corners in this game. Or it can be a 1×2 bet. Or it can be a bet that all corners taken during the match are an even number of odds. Which this kind of creates excitement Another form of fun for the football masters a lot. 

Over and under

Over and Under betting is a prediction of the total number of goals scored in that match. This will bring together the goals scored by each team in that match. and see if it is higher or lower that the price has been set The set price depends on each football betting website that is open for service.

If you are a newbie who wants to experiment or start betting online gambling, you can choose the form of that interests you. When choosing a bet type should study the information Statistics for each team To be analyzed before placing a bet and should choose a reliable football betting website There is a support system We therefore recommend you to come and play at UFABET