8 danger signs have parasites in the stomach

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8 danger signs have parasites in the stomach.

In addition to people who eat a lot. But are thin no matter. What shape you have Is at risk of having parasites in the stomach as well. Because of unclean eating habits half-cook food There is always a risk of having parasites attached to it. Anyone who is unsure if they are at risk of having a parasite or not before seriously taking deworming medication. Try to notice your own symptoms first at UFABET

Do we have danger signs from the symptoms of people with parasites in their stomach?

1. Abdominal pain often regular diarrhea without knowing the exact cause

2. Can’t sleep, restless.

3. Eat a lot, but not fat (but it depends on each person’s body metabolism. It’s easy to notice that he’s been a skinny person since time immemorial. Didn’t just come to be thin)

4. There is flatulence, indigestion, indigestion, along with anorexia and nausea.

5. Observe the stool. May also have taken the worms that have been removed. The worm segments are filled with worm eggs. that the parasite is thrown out to continue to reproduce

6. There is itching in the anus. It’s because the parasite infects that area.

7. May have anemia or anemia

8. If the pork tapeworm in the brain may have seizures together with headache, nausea, and vomiting, although there is no history of seizures before

How to properly get rid of parasites in the body

In fact, each type of parasite It shows us different symptoms. including the dangers that will happen to us And the way to get rid of each type of parasite is also different. Therefore, if you suspect that you may have parasites Consult your doctor for an examination. and diagnose in detail It’s better than buying deworming medication to take by yourself. Because besides we do not know for sure whether we have parasites in the body or not. It could also be taking the wrong type of dewormer.

How to prevent parasites

Just choose to eat clean, standardized food, clean the meat. Wash fresh vegetables thoroughly. Cook it thoroughly before eating every time. Including choosing to drink clean water and feces into the toilet only to prevent the spread of parasites This will allow you to have no parasites to ask for life as well anyway.